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Services and Products Affordable Bifolds – Perth Bifold Door Offer:

  • PVC Bifold & Folding Doors
  • French Doors
  • Sliding/Retractable Fly Screens
  • Patio Doors
  • Double Doors
  • Awning & Fixed Windows/Frames
  • Bifold & Folding Windows/Frames

Many other folding doors constantly need adjusting in time, due to being supported from the top track. At Affordable Bifolds – Perth Bifold Door, we have overcome this problem by supporting the doors from the bottom rollers and track (no bottom sleeve), ensuring they will never sag or become hard to open or close.

Affordable Bifolds – Perth Bifold Door spends a great amount of time researching each product, always improving existing products. We carry a wide range of spare parts including glass panels. We also currently supply builders of new homes with windows / folding doors including French doors. 

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Affordable Bifolds
Perth Bifold Door
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Perth, WA
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